About Us


We are Groove Brand Experience.

A multicultural team of French & British thinkers, that aim to see around corners and help brand resonate with customers.

Our experiences & expertise covers Marketing & Brand strategy, Customer Experience & loyalty, but also creative & copywriting.

We prefer to create individualized solutions to building templates or industrialized processes. When we work with clients, we create bespoke & tailor-made solutions that suit their needs, allow them to make better decisions & stop guessing about what their market is really after.

We are media agnostic and believe in the power of using different media according to different targets: this means that we can help brand develop through radio, TV, print, events and digital means but will not only recommend using “digital marketing or “social media” – unless that is what the target audience expects. 

What Brand Experience really is

Transcending Marketing, brand strategy & Customer experience, Brand Experience enables brands to differentiate themselves and extract themselves from the clutter, to work on their distinctiveness & generate favorable brand perception & loyalty.

It is how customer perceive your brand, their feelings about it, how they respond to it. It is about asking yourself why your brand is relevant to them, why would it be allowed into their lives or be considered when they need to make their life better.

Ensuring your brand is culturally relevant, never grows old and evolves to reinvent itself & match the market’s evolutions.

Each point of interaction is important, to ensure your brand is always on at the top of its game and achieves brand preference.

Faced with ever more choice, customers – both in B2C & B2B – want to be able to find the right brand to make their lives better & easier.

We use Jobs to be done methodology to go beyond features, products or services they are buying, unearthing the reasons why they buy & the solutions they are seeking.

This enables use to sync up brands & customers and make sure brands are not barking up the wrong tree & build a market oriented strategy that doesn’t forget the most important of the 3Cs: the Customer (the others being Company & Competitors).

Unlock your brand’s growth.
Let’s give your brand some Groove.